Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, the exciting event of our week was definitely the snowstorm! I feel like a little kid when it comes to snow. I was watching the weather and peeking out the window constantly. The resounding conversation:
"Brent, come look at the snow! Come look out the window!"
"Yep. That's a lot of snow. Too bad you'll still have school tomorrow."
"Maybe not! Look how much there is! Look how pretty it is!"

And again, we would have the same conversation every 10 minutes. What can I say? He's lived in Boston for the last 4 years. He just doesn't understand my excitement . . .

So we got snow both Tuesday night and the main part of it on Wednesday night. It snowed until about midnight, but we went out around 9:30 while it was still snowing to check out the damage (I mean, play in the snow. :)

Excited to go out in the snow!
After the snow plow came through . . . thanks a lot . . .

Brent working hard to clean off the car. I helped some, but . . . it was more fun to take pictures. :)

 There were some others too, but I couldn't get them to look right on here.

 So, as I said earlier, I was REALLY hoping for a snow day. And, although nearly EVERY COUNTY in MARYLAND was closed on Thursday, I had the privilege of going to work as usual.

There were 2 kids when I arrived at school on Thursday.
Yeah, 2.
We got up to about 25 by noon, out of the whole school.

Needless to say, none of the teachers who showed up were excited, but oh well, maybe next time.

To placate my lack of snow day, I had a small "snow day moment" when I came home on Thursday night.

I came home, put on my pj pants, houseshoes, and sweatshirt. Then, I made myself a cup of hot chocolate while I browsed pictures of the 2011 HGTV Dream Home, which I have entered daily to win. It's where I plan to spend some snow days in the future. ;)

You are all welcome to come and hang out with us when this home is ours. I do expect the same courtesy, of course, if you happen to win it. It's only fair!

Upcoming excitement for this week: Mom and Dad are coming on Thursday! We've got big plans and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures!

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe, warm, and cozy week! God bless!


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