Friday, October 28, 2011

Feelin' the autumn love.

Oh, October. One of my most favorite months of the whole year. I love that October is all about autumn. By far the most beautiful season of the year, there are not many things I don't love about this season and this month. Things that are making my heart happy during this fall of 2011:

1. Brent is back from his work trip to Colorado. While Pumpkin and I had some fun girls' nights this week, I was sure glad to sit down and eat dinner with my best friend again tonight.

2. As much as I miss Oklahoma, I do love living in the northeast during this time of year. I get all googly-eyed everytime I walk outside or take a drive and see all the amazing fall colors that are around every corner here. Still hoping to get some fall color photos, just haven't made the time to do that yet.

3. OSU football. Undefeated and ranked #3 right now, I am so proud to be an OSU alum! Still so thankful that I have gotten to see almost all of the games here. Also grateful that OSU is doing so well since the Colts are breaking my heart this year... but let's focus on the positive! Goooo Pokes!

4. Cooking, baking, and collecting recipes is become more and more of a hobby for me. My addiction to Pinterest, Pioneer Woman, and my Food Network Magazine subscription are forever making my attempt at healthy eating difficult. I am currently obsessed with all things pumpkin right now. Since Brent is not a fan of breakfast for dinner, I had pumpkin pancakes for dinner twice this week. :) If I could choose another job, it just might be writing a food blog. However, my lack of creativity, perserverance, cooking/baking experience, and time would not warrant many followers. But I can dream. I think if I started a blog, the first recipe I would post would be chocolate chip pancakes. Actually, I might just have a whole website dedicated to pancakes. I might have a slight obsession with pancakes... moving on.

5. I also love pumpkin ice cream. Not proper noun, Pumpkin, as in, our cat, but the delicious pumpkin ice cream that you could only find in the fall at Marble Slab Creamery in Stillwater. Bethany texted me about it the other day and I immediately began searching for some. I was stoked when I saw an ad for "Pilgrim Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream" from Trader Joe's!

6. The Cardinals are currently winning the last World Series game. While I am by no means a baseball fan, this granddaughter-with-grandparents-near-St. Louis is cheering for the Cardinals to pull out a win!

7. We are currently under a winter weather advisory and are expecting 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow. Need I remind you that it's still October? And fall? Very strange. But I'm excited. :)

8. I love my lifegroup. I am so thankful for everything I've learned as we've studied, grown, and laughed together. I feel like I talk about our lifegroup a lot, but I'm just so thankful God placed us with these people. I figure since I talk about them so much, I would introduce you to them. We all went apple-picking a few weeks ago and had a fabulous time!

While this is not our whole group, this is a part of it! I decided to post the photo of us eating our apples instead of just standing there because, well, we love to eat! Our lifegroup is comprised of some truly talented cooks and we seriously have the best dinners every Thursday night!

Brent and I ended up with 25 pounds of apples! Is it bad that we finished off all of them? They were so good!

This is my very dear friend, Jess! She and her husband are wonderful leaders for our lifegroup and I am so lucky to have her as a friend. Our shared affinity for all things PW, Pinterest, cooking, baking, Hobby Lobby, and Christmas makes it pretty much impossible for us not to be friends. :) God has blessed me so much through her friendship!
Brent and I have had a pretty amazing month of October, but we discuss almost daily about how we are definitely ready to go home for Thanksgiving! It's hard to believe that the month of November starts on Tuesday. Only a few more weeks until we head to OK! Until then, I'll be enjoying the weather, reading food blogs, and thanking God for our many blessings! Hope you are counting your blessings as well.