Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Season.

So, if you know me at all, you'll know that I love this time of year.

I love everything about it. I love the music, the lights, the decorated trees, my decorated apartment, lights, movies, scents, cookies, candy canes, scarves and mittens, and shopping for gifts.I love kids' Christmas programs and giant gingerbread houses in the store. I love the joy that [many] people have around this time of year. I love love love singing Christmas carols during worship at church. I love that the whole world takes this time of year to celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior, even though many don't even recognize it anymore.

I also love the old-fashioned feeling of Christmas (think . . . Silver Dollar City-esque). Though society pushes us to become more modern and move along at a faster pace, Christmas is a time when the old-fashioned fun is still in vogue. Bing Crosby's on the radio. Danny Kaye's on television. And we all look forward it every year. Why? Because it feels good. right. simple. And we crave that. At least, I know I do. I crave it like I crave that picturesque display of Jesus in his manger-bed. Have we idealized it? Yes. But the point is still there. Jesus, our Almighty Lord, came in the form of a tiny, helpless baby, born in the most meager and poor of circumstances. His mother gave birth to him as a virgin. Angels announced his arrival! From there, He grew up to be the Son of God. What an amazing God we serve and I love the reminder that this season brings to me.

I love love love my nativity. Thanks, Mom for the new pieces this year. :) My hero of a husband repaired my angel last night after I knocked her off the mantle.  Here are some other pictures from our apartment as well!

So, I'm dumb and can't figure out how to turn this picture. It has something to do with the dimensions and it won't let me turn it on the blog. I guess you'll just have to turn your head sideways! Sorry!

And, this is 0ur Christmas-y living room, complete with the football game on TV! :)

Ah, sigh. I love Christmas. I have also been baking Christmas cookies and writing Christmas cards all afternoon. Good thing Brent made dinner tonight . . . taco bake! Yum! Come on over if you want some! :)

Until next time . . . enjoy the season. :)


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