Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home, finally!

Since we have now been back in MD for almost a week, I suppose it's time to share the glorious trip home we had over the Thanksgiving holiday.
I've had a few people at school ask me how my trip home was last week. Every time, my response is "absolutely wonderful."
Because it was.

We flew home late on Tuesday, got delayed in Baltimore and Dallas, and arrived in Tulsa just a bit before midnight. However, that did not stop us from waking up both families for a hug and a ride home from the airport! Those hugs were long-awaited and so great.

We stayed at Brent's parents' house while we were there, since all the beds at my parents' were taken. I must admit that it was strange (not bad, just strange) to be at home in Owasso but not be staying at my house. But it was nice, nonetheless!

Wednesday was spent hanging out with family and friends, and I made a trip to the gym in Skiatook. Boy did I miss those faces! Have you ever been tackled by a bunch of little girls in leotards? I can now say that I have, haha. :) And I was equally excited to see them! I sure do miss that place.

And Thursday! Thanksgiving! What a fantastic day. For the last 4 years, Brent's family has included mine in their Thanksgiving festivities, and this year was no different. I know that we are so very lucky to be able to have both of our families together for holidays. Truly a blessing. Brent's mom went above and beyond (as usual) to prepare for Thanksgiving. Here was the dessert table, just to give you a small taste of what our meal was like:

Here are some pictures from after the meal:

I love this picture. And I love these boys. Best ever. Aaaand funniest boys ever. It's true. :)
For this next photo, please ignore the giant green oaf in the front row with her eyes closed. I hate this photo of me but it's the only one I have of the whole family. Just look at everyone else and how great they look! Isn't this a good-looking family?

And here is my husband and I on our first Thanksgiving together. I love him a lot. And being married to him is so much fun and it is so worth all of that long distance that we went through. He rocks and I am so lucky to be his wife!

So, that was our day of feasting and hanging out with family. Friday brought [no] early morning shopping. I did go shopping for a new stove for Mom with her and my grandma, but that wasn't until 11 am. Her stove, when set at 375 degrees, currently wavers somewhere between 375 and 100 degrees while cooking. That would be a problem! After shopping, I headed to the annual reunion with Brent and his friends, which was fun as always! It's so neat that the group of boys has stayed so close all these years. What a great group!

Saturday was our last day at home (such a short visit!) but it was no less exciting. We made a short visit to our dear friends Jen and Kye's (miss them sooo much!) and then I had the joyous opportunity to drive to Stillwater with Nick to watch Bedlam! One of my favorite moments of our whole trip was singing the Alma Mater in Boone Pickens Stadium with my brother. It was pretty special, not gonna lie. I'm super proud of him.

Even though the Cowboys lost, this was absolutely, without a doubt, the most fun and exciting football game that I have ever been to! It was such a good game with so many exciting plays! I have never been in such a ginormous crowd that is screaming and jumping up and down and high-fiving with the catching of a ball in an endzone or making an interception. WOW. It made me proud to be a Cowboy alum, even if we didn't end up with the higher score at the end. There was no better way to spend my last night in Oklahoma than at Bedlam. Loved it.

And that ended our first trip home.
It was wonderful.
It was joyous.
It was much-needed and very satisfying.

And we only have to wait 2 and 1/2 weeks to go back! Which means lots of shopping between now and then, which Brent and I started today. We also put up our tree and decorated, though it's not quite finished. Pictures of the apartment are SOON to come!

Until then, I hope that you are enjoying every minute of this beautiful time of year, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. Remember the reason for the season!


P.S. A post from Brent is hopefully coming soon! It is sure to be witty and entertaining! Get ready! (I just read that line to Brent . . . his response was "Oh great!" haha)


  1. Hi Allison, enjoyed hearing about your wonderful holiday...I could see it all through your description, as well as the great pics! Wish I'd been in the stands for that ballgame. Exciting!
    You & Brent are so blessed to have each other. Glad you're both happy & well.

  2. Thank you! :) Glad to hear from you!