Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My husband, the engineer!

OK, so I'll take a break from being the center of attention for a few minutes (ha) and tell you about my awesome husband and his new job!

Brent started his new job at the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University (APL) this week! Since we currently only have one car, I get to take him to and from work everyday, which is good, because that means I have to get up and around and can be productive with my day, too! But back to Brent . . .

So, he goes to work on a computer, and codes for different projects. Unfortunately, his security clearance deems his work "classified" and he is therefore unable to tell you or me about what he is doing. So . . . what does Brent do at his job? Um, I don't really know! But it sounds awesome, even if I don't really know! Could make dinnertimes a little awkward though, kinda like tonight:

A- "So, how was work today?"
A-"What did you do?"
A-"Oh. Well, what kind of projects are you working on?"
B-"Defense stuff."
A-"What kind of defense stuff?"
A- "I think you just like saying "classified."
B- [smiles]

Oh well, I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories from my classroom once I get started that I can share at the dinner table. Kids never cease to provide you with funny and interesting stories to impart. Until then, I guess Brent will just have to listen about my fairly boring days of running errands and getting ready for school! That's definitely not classified.

Anyways, he really like the job so far and seems to like everyone with whom he is working, which is always a plus! I think he also enjoys the fact that the dress is casual, so he gets to wear jeans everyday (jealous!). :)

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! :)


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