Sunday, August 29, 2010


As I said before, Brent and I headed to Annapolis, MD, yesterday. Our good friend, Teeman, attends the U.S. Naval Academy and gave us the best ever tour of the historic city of Annapolis.

We started the day with him driving out to see our apartment, and then we jumped in his car (a pretty blue mustang, I might add) and we drove to Annapolis, which is only about half an hour away. Since he is a senior (also called a 1st class midshipmen, I believe?), we were able to drive onto the Academy grounds and park there. Definitely a privilege! We immediately walked just a few minutes to old downtown Annapolis, which is a really neat, eclectic mix of shops and restaurants located in the same building where colonists and government leaders met to sign treaties and things. Did you know that Annapolis was once the capital of the United States, before Washington, D.C.? Teeman showed us the old national capitol building, which is now Maryland's state capitol building (Annapolis is the capital of MD, now). But yes, downtown was definitely a neat place! We had some amazing seafood for lunch, as well. Teeman definitely knows his way around!

Because it is located right near the naval academy (and because old towns just seem to be more like this), it was very patriotic. Here is a picture that Brent took of one of the streets downtown.

I love being in places like this. It makes me proud. :)

Another neat thing about downtown Annapolis . . . because so many people have dogs, many of the stores keep bowls of water and dog treats outside their doors. I think that's cute. :)

One more fun random tidbit . . . one of the downtown restaurants was host to Food Network's show "Man vs. Food." The restaurant makes 8 lb. milkshakes. Wow! It did seem funny that this famous restaurant was just an old, little, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Here's the picture posted on the front window of the shop:

After lunch, we walked back over to the Naval Academy campus, where Teeman showed us around all of the buildings. It's amazing how much unique history you'll find there. The chapel basement even comes complete with the crypt of John Paul Jones, the father/founder (I think!) of the U.S. Navy. Take a look, and you'll agree that it looks like it comes from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean!

Crazy, huh?

The end of our on-campus tour ended by the Chesapeake Bay. What a pretty place to go to school! Teeman then surprised us with a run through the Navy's endurance and obstacle courses! Let's just say that the wall climbing, rope bridge-crossing, beam-balancing, and monkey-bar swinging left me sore today! But it was definitely worth it and so much fun!

Best part of the day, though, was just getting to hang out with a good friend. We got to see some cool things in the area, and the boys got to play Halo back at our apartment. :) It's great to have a friend up here! Hopefully Teeman enjoyed himself as much as we did. :)

Old friends. :)


P.S. Wedding photos are in! Posting those soon! :)

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