Monday, July 11, 2011

One whole year!

So I am pretty excited to say that Brent and I celebrated our first anniversary yesterday! I can't believe it has already been a whole year since we stood up on the stage at FCC and were married. The day was just perfect and there's still nothing I would change about it!
 So much has happened since then! Marriage, honeymoon, cross-country road trip, moving to a new state, starting 2 new jobs, setting up our first apartment, traveling, and so much more! It's amazing to think about all the fun adventures we've had this year and I am looking forward to so many years of adventure in the future! I have truly loved being a wife and spending every day with my best friend, whom I was apart from for so long. I honestly don't feel like the "newness" of getting to spend so much time together has worn off yet. :) There are so many ways that God has blessed us as we have moved and begun our lives here. It's amazing to simply reflect on how different life would be if we were somewhere else. Simply put, we know that God has placed us here for a reason because we've seen him working in our lives in so many ways.
We celebrated our anniversary at Rehoboth Beach, DE, for the weekend! It was fun exploring the cute town and hanging out on the beach working on our tans . . . er, sunburns. :) Reminiscent of a week spent in Riviera Maya, Mexico, last summer for the honeymoon! We had some delicious seafood this weekend and just enjoyed relaxing while we were there!

It was a fun little roadtrip there and back. We crossed Chesapeake Bay on the giant Bay Bridge...

... passed so much farmland, which, I can't lie, I totally loved . . .

Am I in Patoka?
. . . don't worry, we also had the essential piece to every trip, of any kind.

We also passed a bison farm. I'm sorry to report that I did not manage to get a picture of them. We decided they must have stolen the bison from the Midwest. That's the only logical explanation.
But, yeah. It was a fun trip. :)
Happy 1st Anniversary!
Sadly, we were not able to have our anniversary cake since we moved. It would have been hard to transfer cake on a 2-day roadtrip or via airplane, so we made due with some delicious cookie dough ice cream to celebrate when we got home.

Brent also surprised me with this lovely gift! A diamond bracelet. So pretty! I had no idea!
So, needless to say, we had a lovely first anniversary and are continuing to enjoy every minute of being married. I have the best husband and look forward to many more amazing years together! He makes me so happy. :)
Thanking God for His blessings. :)

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  1. You make me smile, friend! I truly think a lot of couples (Justin and I included) can learn a lot from the wonderful, Godly, and unconditional loving marriage I know you an Brent have. Glad you had a great time! Congratulations on one year!!