Saturday, October 16, 2010

For Mom.

Today is my mom's 50th birthday (she won't mind that I shared that, I think . . . ).

I hope that you have the privilege to know my mom. If not, you are missing out on knowing a pretty special lady. I would also say that, if you know me at all, you know my mom, too. We are a lot alike. I like walking into a store or somewhere, and people say "Oh, this must be your daughter!" We do look alike (and like my beautiful grandmother as well), and as I get older, I realize that I act like her as well. Some things that I love about my mom:

     1. She cares about people. She works at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where she works 
         with cancer patients and their families every single day. I've seen her interact with patients and
         the people with whom she works, and she is loved for her attitude, love, and care that she gives. It
         takes a special person to take care of these hurting people, but she does her job so well. Her
         coworkers and nurses celebrated her birthday accordingly today . . . decorating her office with a
         grim reaper, balloons, and a cake! I'm glad they're taking care of the big day since I wasn't there
         to do it! :) She also cares so much for our family. And the friends of our family. I love seeing how
         she not only interacts with us, but she also treats our friends like her own. I love that. Anyone is
         welcome in our home and Mom takes that seriously.

     2. She is always ready to listen. This has become even more clear to me since I've moved away
         from home, and I love knowing that I can call home and get a listening ear about my long day at
         school or my personal triumph of the week. I spoke to my dear friend, Kye, this week about how
         moms are the best for that listening ear. It's true, and my mom's the best at that!

    3. She is an awesome cook. I have made so many recipes from her already. This week's recipe from
        her was egg casserole for our Lifegroup. It was a hit! Brent also loves (seriously adores) her
        meatloaf, which came from Grandma. Yum! Thanks Mom! (Brent thanks you, too!) And I almost
        forgot the most important one--turkey and cheese sandwich with ketchup = the best!

     4. I have definitely acquired (and embraced) her taste for decorating. This is largely made up of
        antique (or antique-looking) furniture and other things to hang on the wall or sit on the shelf. My
        dear friend, Mrs. Brown, states that eloquently as well. Needless to say, I will be happy to inherit
        any decor she gets tired of, including Granny's old cabinet and kitchen bowls!

     5. Most importantly, my mom gave me the foundation for my faith in Jesus Christ. She is a constant
         example of how to love others, even when it's hard, and how to trust that God has a plan, even
         when we may not see it. She is able to see the amazing work of God even in an environment
         where there is so much sadness and hopelessness. She helps lead worship at church on Sundays
         and helps lead her family by setting that Christian example as well, no matter the circumstances.

Things that I do not love about my mom:
     1. She lives in Oklahoma. I live in Maryland. That is a problem.

In conclusion (did I just write an essay?), I just wanted you to know that I think my mom's pretty much the best ever. I credit her for who I am today, and I know she has many many beautiful years ahead of her! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Love ya,


Ain't she pretty?



  1. aww, tearing a little... i miss you and your mom too :(

  2. Beautiful tribute from a beautiful person... to a beautiful person! So happy to call you friend :)

  3. Oh my. Al, you are a very special daughter.