Friday, September 17, 2010


Like I described in my last post, I have a classroom full of characters.

But did you know that I have a superhero in my class?

During reading groups one day this week, one of my boys (we'll call him Bobby), was in the middle of a deep discussion (as deep as third graders can go) as his group was answering questions. I had other groups going on as well, so I was circulating around the room. Without warning or hesitation, Bobby approached me and tapped my arm. This is the conversation that followed (please picture the very straight and serious faces we both had throughout this conversation):

"Mrs. McLaughlin, did you know that I have really tough skin?"
"No Bobby, I didn't. How do you know?"
"My mom told me I have tough skin. It's really hard to cut it."
"Well, I hope you haven't been trying!"
"No, but when I was a baby, just 'borned' in the hospital, they tried to cut my skin and my face was just like this." [insert very serious, stone-cold, third grade boy's face--no pain there!]
"Wow, Bobby. That's impressive."
"Yeah, and I heal really fast, too. Like, it just closes right up if I start bleeding."
"That's amazing! You sound like a superhero or something, Bobby!"
"Yeah, I know."

And then he returned to his seat and continued his reading discussion. And that was that.

I love third graders.

Speaking of amazing things, I am attempting to run a 5k in the morning. New feat? No. But it has been awhile, and I have not been running like I should be! It will definitely be a struggle. But I can struggle for a good cause. The run is for the pregnancy clinic in the town in which Brent and I have been attending church. Speaking of that (as Mrs. Meryhew asked), we have been attending a church for a little over a month now. We are really liking it and are hoping to get involved with a lifegroup this month. This last Sunday was their youth sunday, where the youth served and led, and then the youth minister preached. Aftershocks anyone? It made us a little homesick, but also glad to be involved with a church where youth are given that important opportunity and encouragement to lead. We plan to continue to go there and get more involved. Oh, and bonus (Lydia and Pam, this one's for you!): their women's ministry just started a Zumba class 3 days a week! I do love Zumba! :)

Well, that's about all from the McLaughlin estate for now. Brent is currently trying to take over Reach and I have been grading papers. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! We'll be spending the day on Sunday watching football and preparing for the big game Sunday night (the Manning brothers playing against each other, hopefully big brother Peyton will have a better day!). Enjoy the weekend, ya'll! :)


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